Reasons to Use a Cloud Storage Service

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More and more companies are appreciating the advantages of utilizing cloud storage services for their data. According to the recent Cisco Global Cloud Index, cloud data centers will process around 95% of every workload by 2021.  

Of course, one of the main reasons why cloud storage services are getting popular is because of its cost-efficiency. However, there are other tangible advantages for companies that use cloud services. Here are several reasons why your IT Support Tulsa should move to cloud storage services: 

Security and Stability 

You trust your data storage to a team of experts who specialize in the software and hardware that the vendor uses whenever you work with a reliable cloud provider. The individuals who build this solution can do a greater task at generating a secure and reliable channel compared to the members of your team who don’t have that specialized expertise and knowledge, whether you choose Google Cloud, Azure, or Amazon Web Services. 

Improved Automation 

For a team that handles IT resources, updating software is the most time-consuming job. Using cloud services provides you a couple of choices to automate updates applied to the cloud-based apps. You might use this ability to free up the time of your team to work on tasks that help grow your company using solutions provided by a 3rd-party app, your vendor, or even features built into your software solutions.  

Wireless Network Management 

You can handle your whole wireless local network area from one point with cloud-based wireless services. You can take care of every wireless network firmware management, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, provisioning, and provisioning using a web browser. Aside from making task management a lot simpler, you can also easily secure your wireless network. You’re able to monitor security events and see what devices are connected to your network in real-time through your monitor.  

Easy Recovery and Backup 

The right cloud services offer seamless recovery and backup, just like file sharing and storing. When it comes to disaster recovery and backups, a cloud service enables your company to follow a lot of the best practices. It does this by:  

  • A technique to back up regularly and frequently. 
  • A simple way to completely restore from a backup. 
  • An off-site location for storing your backup files. 
  • Enough storage to guarantee that your files are backed up. 

The correct cloud storage service provides you the ability to accommodate and grow fluidly your backup needs.  

Seamless Business Productivity 

Work isn’t simply done in the office alone. According to a study from the International Workplace Group, around 72% of individuals remotely work at least a single day per week. People count on cloud storage services for them to seamlessly work from their house, on the road, in the office, or from any other remote area.  

Employees are able to sync data and files from wherever they’re working from with the correct cloud storage service. Companies do not have to count on sending files that are too big, share removable storage devices, or worry about version control. 

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